Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Local Businesses Sponsor Little Man Release

I was absolutely thrilled when I got the e-mail regarding The Current wanting to present the Little Man EP release show. I'd forgotten that I'd sent a request and had already printed posters. So this came as a surprise and I had to head back to the printers!

The Current is one of Minnesota's public radio stations. They play a huge mix of music without commercials and has become a powerhouse of the Twin Cities. It survives because of listeners like you. I've gotten to know many of the DJ's over the years and their continuous enthusiasm for music is contagious. The greatest thing is that they play local music at least once an hour. It really binds the community in realizing that we have some seriously amazing artists right here in town. Check out the local live stream.

You can actually see my place from The Blue Door's front windows. This little local pub has been around for just a few years or so but has really been making a name for itself. They've earned Best Burger from The City Pages and it's always packed. Owners Pat and Jeremy have done very well here in St. Paul at the intersection of Selby & Fairview. They only spin local music here too. Isn't that fantastic!? The food is very good. My wife and I walk over there on the off hours to score a seat at the window. Excellent beer selection as well.

Speaking of beer, one of the places my wife and I like to go to pick up "adult beverages", is over at Marshall Liquors across from Izzy's on Marshall Ave in St. Paul. This "mom and pop" store (literally) has a huge selection of just about everything and it's a convenient stop to or from MPLS/St.Paul. Richard is our go-to guy over there. He's the young son of a Korean mom and pop who are always happy to see us and greet us with a big smile. Richard has been a kind shop keeper to us for years. We bought all our wine and hard liquor there for our wedding. He always chats us up at the counter and the radio is always on The Current. He knows when Little Man gets airplay and always mentions it.

My locks are kind of long. I'm a bit picky on my hair cuts. When my regular hair cutter moved to Portland I was unsure as to where to go. My wife's friend Amy recommended Kelly McMahon at the Groveland Barbershop over on St. Clair and Cleveland. Happy to have met her, she's beautiful. "Couple inches off - shag it up a bit" is my usual request. She does great work. If you've seen my pictures, you know!

Joe is the shop owner, another fantastic barber who's honed his skills over the many years being there. He's a huge music lover and he even became a guitar student of mine for a while. Always curios on how things are going with the band, he's been a great person to get to know. This is a hip place. I also have to mention his big black dog Austin who immediately greets you at the door wanting all your attention first and foremost.

Click the links and visit the shops. These businesses are home-grown, local, and owned and run by really cool people who add great character to this community. I'm especially thankful for their assistance in helping me promote the release show at The Turf Club (May 27th) as well as a thank you to all the other shops and people who are helping support the event in other ways.

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