Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Little Man plays with Ike Reilly

I had the privilege of joining Ike Reilly for a show at Minneapolis' historic First Avenue as lead guitarist on Nov. 26th 2008. Our releationship goes way back to when I lived in Chicago and toured with Ike as his guitar tech./roadie for close to two years. Drummer Dave Cottini used to be Little Man's drummer and Ed Tinley and I went to college together at DePaul University. Both of them, including Ike, have continued to be a part of supporting Little Man recordings in various ways. (Shot from the first row, this video is a little shakey at first!)

In 2001, I had set Little Man aside to be on their national tours in hopes to gain some touring experience and meet some industry folks. Although it was really fun to be traveling on a bus all over the place with friends, it was difficult for me not to have the release of playing a show every night and to be on the sidelines.

With the absence of Phil Karnatz for the Thanksgiving Eve show, Ike invited me to take his place along side bassist Tommy O'Donnell. The show brought back some good memories and a feeling of fulfillment for me. It was a one hell of a show.
In addition to helping out on guitar, Little Man got to open the evening to a fantastic crowd.

See all the pics by Alexa Jones HERE and See some of the Little Man set in video HERE.