Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tube Dreamer

This is the OD2 Tube Screamer clone from BYOC. It comes as a kit that you build. This is the 3rd build I've done (see previus posts of my Fuzzy Face and Fat Rocket) I call my version the Tube Dreamer. I took a picture from one of my LP covers and stuck it on there and painted the enclosure green like the original Tube Screamer. This guitar effect pedal is an overdrive. It's great when used with a clean tube amp and then this bumps it up a couple notches. Stevie Ray Vaughan is probably the most notable guitar player that uses this. It's a very popular classic pedal. BYOC's pedal also has a separate boost on one side, that gives you an increase in volume and that "just right" break up tone from amp.

The build ables you to make some modifacations or "mods" as they say from the orginal TS808 Tube Screamer it's built off of. I chose to (and here's the tech talk if you want to skip ahead) replace the final 470 ohm for a 220 for a little more gain. Added Mosfet B5170 clipping. Replaced the .22uf Tantalum capacitor for a .15 for better tone knobe frequency responce. I did some research on the mods to learn about them and figure out which ones I wanted to do. It even has three trim pots inside that you can adjust for Louder, Min and Max drive. I also added the blue LED's.

I had just gotten a new record player and a whole mess of albums from a friend so it was really cool to put on an LP and work on this project. The build was fairly easy but a little more difficult then the others I built.

I tried this pedal with my little Silvertone tube amp. Playing the amp at half volume gives a nice clean tone, a little dark, that's just the character of this amp. Using the boost of the pedal I can make it sound like it's up all the way breaking up nicely. With just the "tube screamer" side on, it gives a great overdriven distortion brightening up my amp and giving it a little more of a Vox amp sound. Both sides on lurches out a ripping tight zip tone kind of similar to a low batteried Fuzz Face.

Listen to the demo: