Thursday, March 27, 2008

In-store performance

Today a was invited down to the Cheapo music store in Minneapolis to play some songs and do an interview. The footage will be aired on the CW TV network in May. I should be getting my own episode, which would be great!
I arrived at the back parking lot, got out of the car and a car pulls up with a screech, out pops my friend/fan Shane wearing a blue blazer as he approaches me with a red pizza warmer bag. He pulls a pizza box out of it and hands it to me. "I delivered it inside the store but you weren't there, here you go." he said. WOW thanks Shane, LUNCH. I open it and it's a tan colored suede jacket!! CRAZY! Super cool.
So I walk in there and it turns out Megan Wiley would be interviewing me, so I was happy about that. I got to know here down at SXSW in Austin and she hooked me up with an interview for Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine after our showcase. You can click the link to see it.

It all went very well. Very kind people. A pleasure to help out. I played Soulful Automatic and Tire Fire from Soulful Automatic.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well it's my first very own blog. Hi everyone. I am the singer/songwriter/frontman for the band Little Man. I also do quick posts on the band's Myspace page, you can learn more about the band there. I love writing songs and actually spend alot of time coming up with ideas. It's funny they usually come in threes. I've recently been writing with my old Gibson acoustic. I'm usually in the living room or bedroom with a little tape recorder and a notepad. Imagination is the key word.
So...nice to meet you. Subscribe to the site so you can be informed of updates!