Thursday, March 27, 2008

In-store performance

Today a was invited down to the Cheapo music store in Minneapolis to play some songs and do an interview. The footage will be aired on the CW TV network in May. I should be getting my own episode, which would be great!
I arrived at the back parking lot, got out of the car and a car pulls up with a screech, out pops my friend/fan Shane wearing a blue blazer as he approaches me with a red pizza warmer bag. He pulls a pizza box out of it and hands it to me. "I delivered it inside the store but you weren't there, here you go." he said. WOW thanks Shane, LUNCH. I open it and it's a tan colored suede jacket!! CRAZY! Super cool.
So I walk in there and it turns out Megan Wiley would be interviewing me, so I was happy about that. I got to know here down at SXSW in Austin and she hooked me up with an interview for Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine after our showcase. You can click the link to see it.

It all went very well. Very kind people. A pleasure to help out. I played Soulful Automatic and Tire Fire from Soulful Automatic.


craigsanatomy said...

Nice to see you blogging! Hope to catch a show soon. Keep up the good tunes.

TOOTS said...

Welcome to the world de blogging!