Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little Man On The Choo Choo Bob Show

Little Man does a spot on television! The Choo Choo Bob Show is a children's live action TV show that's broadcasted on Saturday mornings in the upper mid-west. There's actually a model train shop in St. Paul, not too far from my place called Choo Choo Bob's in St. Paul and it's the same people that created this show so it all has to do with trains.
The videographer called me up saying the show wanted to have some local music on the show this season and asked if I could write a song themed on trains and perform it with the band on the show. "Of course!" I said. Unique opportunity for sure.

I wrote a simple short song and set up some time to make it over to the TV studio.

It was really cool to have the band together for this one. Sean and Brian both were available to make this happen. The premise was was that Little Man would be performing at Tiny Land's Festival of Rain. They suited us in rain slickers and we performed the song on a green screen set so there will be some sort of background there on the show. We looked so goofy, it was hilarious. Brian's son was also with us so we had him push some gear in the background wearing his own rain gear. We played through the song a few times with our "happy-fun-faces" on with Choo Choo Bob helping out on acoustic guitar and vocals while the other show characters danced in the background. It was such a fun time. I even had a few lines! One in which involved me spitting out a mouthfull of water then saying, "I think your roof is leaking."

All the people working on set were terrific. I was also surprised that I had already known a couple of them as well. And just like how I've made efforts to include local businesses with Little Man, this experience with Choo Choo Bob surely furthered that sort of tie-in. Feels good to be a part of spreading the local love of talent and genuine hardworking people in the community. As far as I know the show airs on Channel 45 at 9am on a Saturday late summer or early this fall. The title of the show has something to do with rain.

Here it is!! Watch it on YouTube: