Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Of Mind And Matter Album Release

Of Mind And Matter is available now!!!The band celebrated the release with a fantastic show to a packed crowd at The 7th Street Entry. The band was enhanced with a guitarist/keyboard player and two female back-up vocalist to help recreate the albums sound. Little Man performed the entire album from start to finish.

This picture was taken by Darin Back.
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Little Man's forth full length album Of Mind And Matter is a strong companion to 2007's acclaimed Soulful Automatic. While still a good mix of acoustic and rock songs this album has more lush layered vocals, guitars, organ and strings that create a dynamic landscape. Produced by Ed Tinley, it was recorded in an old hunting lodge and a little house in Chicago.
Read an article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Of Mind And Matter is a digital release. The amaizing cover photo by Emily Utne can be yours. You'll recieve by mail the special edition cover art card that contains the code to download 12 songs, 2 documentry videos, pictures, lyrics and liner notes. LISTEN to some of the tracks. Order yours HERE now!!