Monday, March 17, 2014

Vintage Shop Hop!

I like interesting clothes, the polyester, cool designs and cuts, '60's/70's style. One of the rewards of the Little Man Kickstarter campaign was to go vintage shopping with my wife and I. We really enjoy thrifting and hitting the vintage shops. We go often and find some really unique clothes and other old stuff. In St. Paul, around our neighborhood, there are a good bunch of such shops. For the Kickstarter campaign, Up Six Vintage and Everyday People participated in our "Vintage Shop Hop" for which people who chose this reward from the Kickstarter campaign got to come shopping with my wife and I with a discount on their purchase in addition to the new Little Man album on vinyl.

We started at Up Six and upon arrival our backers got a Little Man button pin

to distinguish who was with us. Megan, the shop owner has been clothing me for many years through her shop. Alot of the clothes you see me wear in photoshoots has been from her. She also has amazing furniture and other cool vintage stuff. Megan has been a big supporter of my music and a good friend over the years.

I found these great maroon boots and a cool pendant necklace.

Afterward we headed over to Everyday People. This shop is newer to the area and I have been getting over there often. Store owner Kitty is super kind and has a great sense of vintage style herself. She has a good balance of vintage mixed with newer thrift clothes. Both shops have awesome storefront displays so you can't miss them.

Rolling Stones t-shirt and a vintage sweater!
It was a fun small group of backers and everybody was able to find something cool. Seeing what other people were into fashion wise was fun to see and it was great to see people out of the dressing room with smiles because of their new finds. It's important too support these locally owned independent shops. They bring a great vibe to the community. They are great people and they are recycling cool unique clothes.