Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"V" is for Vinyl - Little Man Launches Kickstarter Campaign for a Vinyl Pressing

Little Man has got this new album called Original Face and it's already recorded, mixed, mastered and ready to go. We even have CD's coming. The album is just the right length for an LP and it's something we have dreamed about doing but never have because of the high cost. Luckily through the website called Kickstarter we can have that chance. In return for a pledge we can offer you the lowest cost digital download, signed LP's and some really cool premium rewards, like home pizza's made by me delivered to you, a "vintage shop hop" with me to local vintage stores Up Six and Everyday People in St. Paul with a %20 discount, hair treatment at the new HiFi Hair & Records at a discount plus many more.

A vinyl pressing is a very special thing to us and with Kickstarter you can connect with us in a special way.

Please take a moment to visit our campaign through the link below and help us reach our goal of $4000 before Feb 13, 2014: