Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bring It On Home

In an effort to get to know some folks better that come to see me play with the band, I thought it would be cool to play directly for them at their house. I call it a parlour show. It’s been a long winter and sometimes it’s hard to get out of the house. Some people have kids that haven’t had the opportunity to come see a show or have never been exposed to live music like this. I wanted to entertain with my songs and maybe inspire some kids and adults to play music too. Families could create small dinner parties and get-to-gethers and I’d play for them solo acoustic in their living rooms. People seem to know me from the media or shows, but to be closer to them is a good artist/fan relationship.

The response was really good and I got to play for a variety of families and their friends. From a family of 3 to a party of 20 these people were generous and very attentive with all sorts of questions about my music and what I do, and I got to know a lot more about them in return. Instead of being up on a stage without the personal interaction, I was right next to them in the welcoming environment of their home.

The most rewarding was playing to a family of which two of the members where visually impaired. The smiles I got back from them while I played were huge and I found it difficult to get though some of my songs because it made me so glad that I was making them happy. The whole family was just thrilled to have such an event at their own house. They wrote back, “For us, it will always be a night to remember!”

This is the Menard family.

I hope I can do more of these. If you’re in the area or close by when we’re on the road and you’d like to host something like this, you can contact me.

Mick S. wrote, “…you were very friendly and very down to earth. Most rockers wouldn’t even bother to do what you did. For that I hold you in very high esteem.”
Thanks everyone for your participation!