Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I think spring is finally here. I can feel that there is a little bit of warmth in the air. I live in St. Paul, Minnesota and winters here are usually pretty long. Now that it’s nicer I can get back into getting outside to walk around a bit. The usual walk is only about 20 minutes to a half hour. I just walk around the neighborhood. Some people see me and often and say hi. My pace is somewhat quick. Sometimes the tempo helps me think of songs in my head. A notepad helps to jot down ideas. Usually in my mind, my walk starts with what things I have to get done or want to do that day or in the near future. The more I walk the quieter things become in my head. Portions of my trip are zen walks. I do this a couple different ways. Just like sitting meditation, instead I’m walking. The first way is to just observe my thoughts. I try not to judge or have feelings for, or discriminate what enters my mind, and then I just wisk each one away, one after another. The other one is to try to be clear headed for a certain distance while I’m walking. For both I like to breath from my belly, long breaths. Happiness comes automatically though when I arrive at the neighborhood gnome. There is a little garden gnome that stands on a rock and he’s got all his animal friends around him. And no matter what the weather, he’s always smiling.