Monday, May 30, 2011

EP Release Show - How it all went down (then back up again)

After months of prep and hard work this became one of the best release shows I've done, but it certainly came with it's pitfalls. The Tower Tarot card symbolism had it's presence for sure as things started to fall apart, though ultimately The Sun prevailed.

The day before the Little Man Orbital Amusement EP release show the Red Pens, our middle slot band, had to cancel because of a serious medical emergency. I'd been wanting to play with them for quite some time and it was about to happen and then this unfortunate mishap came along. Luckily this person is ok and doing pretty good now. I had to find a replacement fast though and was super bummed out about it. Couldn't sleep.

Then it was the morning of the show. The very first e-mail I  read was from the other opening band, The Rockford Mules. It was a message saying that they had to cancel because their drummer up and quit the night before! Apparently they did everything they could to have him stick it out for one more show, but still couldn't make it work. I seriously thought this was a joke! There was no way both of my openers could cancel within 24 hours of one of the most important and heavily promoted shows of the year for me. These bands are both quite popular and I had them in all my promos. It was such a great bill! I was so let down and completely worried. Believe me, I got in some extra meditation time that day to stay sane. I kept telling myself that at least my band was still on the bill! I hit the phone and the e-mails right away and was full on stressed about it until 4pm the day of the show. I was able to confirm Is/Is, a great three woman rock act that I've been digging lately and also my long time faves, The Beatifics. It's very strange. This would be the third time The Beatifics have opened for us for a release show. What a weight lifted off of me after that. I had a few hours to chill out a bit before heading to The Turf Club.
From there things just rolled on great. The openers were fantastic and people kept on coming in through the door. It was very well attended. Alot of people, and everyone was attentive to all the music.

Little Man hit them hard with all the songs of the EP while two beautiful girls, Natalie and Nicole (who I called "The Cosmonettes"), hula hooped on the front corners of the stage. They were great! We also had a projector and an oil lamp along with some other cool light effects to help make it more of a special thing. It was really cool. I enjoyed every minute of it and just let loose. It seemed everyone there was very much into it. We also played some key tracks from previous albums as well as some even newer material.

Everything worked out in the end. It was a very good night and a great celebration for my sixth release.

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Craig Planting said...

This show was a perfect, rock and roll catharsis. "Orbital Amusement" is Little Man's hardest rock to date and it was amazing to hear them play it live. The sexy hula-hoopers added to the spectacle, to the sense that we were witnessing an event and Chris was a monster on the guitar. Like all the best guitarists he makes it look easy. My advice is to skip paying 200 bucks to see old baby boomer national rock acts at the Excel and check out Little Man!

Becky Wurm said...

I'm telling everyone that I was one of the hula hoopers!